The Three-Winter's-In-A-Row Club

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Simon and I are about to join The Three-Winters-In-A-Row Club. Originally we had planned to spend summer in the Italian Dolomites, working as rock-climbing hosts. Much to our dismay, those jobs fell through because of the *$#@!^ credit crunch!

We looked around at other work available, and decided that sure, we could pick up any old job; but we're here to experience Europe and have fun, not to work some rubbish job for the summer and not see any more of Europe.

New plan...
We leave Sainte Foy on the 18th of April, and head for Morocco for a complete assault on the senses. The language, food, sights, smells... it promises to be an eye-opening experience. After a few weeks of Morocco, we'll head North to Spain where we'll get up to our old tricks of living in a car near rock crags.

According to our budget, we'll be completely skint by June 24, so that's when we fly out of Paris! After a week in Adelaide with Simon's folks, we touch down in little old Christchurch on July 1.

Both of us have pretty mixed feelings about returning home earlier than planned. On one hand it'll be great to catch up with family and friends, earn a bit of money, do a few trips in the South Island again. And on the other hand it'll be really hard.

When you return home from a trip, you realise that home is almost exactly as you left it, and no matter how hard you try you can never completely communicate the experiences that have changed you. But maybe that's what's special about it. Simon and I will forever reminisce about this trip, it'll be our little secret - we understand it.


Blogger stephwd said...

Life doesn't stop after overseas travel :) The great thing is you bring back home your experiences and the changes in yourself... and discover 'home' from a different perspective (till the next travel...)

10:36 AM, April 09, 2009  

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